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We have your company covered for all of the carbon management essentials.

Carbon footprinting

Industry benchmarking


Reduction guidance


Supplier engagement

Here's what you can expect

Up and running in seconds, so you can focus on what matters

Carbon Analytics analyzes basic data that your company already keeps to measure your carbon footprint and guide you to reductions. Say goodbye to lengthy surveys and spreadsheet models. Learn more »

Guides you to carbon reductions with the highest impact for your business

Carbon Analytics guides you to the most effective carbon reductions your organization can make. We can also connect you with professional expertise to get tailored advice for reducing your footprint.

Lets you track and communicate success to your customers

Carbon Analytics tracks key environmental metrics over time, so you always know how well you're doing. We also link your own improvements with your customers, so they can see the impact you're having on their supply chain.

Enables your suppliers

While you're managing your own environmental impact, why not enable your suppliers to do the same? Your suppliers are part of your carbon footprint. With Carbon Analytics, you can invite your suppliers to participate in footprint reductions, and give them powerful tools to reduce their own footprint.

Helps you get recognized and manage risk

Reducing your footprint can deliver reputational benefits to your organization and reduce your exposure to potential climate change regulations and taxes. Carbon Analytics helps you stay ahead of the game.

Firm value improves $212,000 per 1000 tonnes of CO2 reduced, according to this KPMG report »

Our track record

We're the new kids on the block in sustainability software, and we've been making a scene. Here are just some of the organizations recognizing Carbon Analytics

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